When Angels party with Demons.

By Miss Paparazzi

It’s all about a great time with great company!

Our hottest event so far, “Double Vision: Angels & Demons”, was made possible by a crazy and creative crowd, who love to have fun as much as the Private Paparazzi Club team does.

I guess not all the Angels and Demons were nice, some of them were naughty, and this is why Mother Nature punished us with one rainy and windy night.

Anyway, it didn’t stop almost 70 people from having fun. The brave and the beautiful all came to the party!

Here’s what sparked up the night: An “Angels and Demons Collection” by the fabulous designer Orlando Caquias; insanely stylish fascinators by talented Zoya Egan, elegant jewelry by the remarkable Martha Jones.

Our groovy DJ Cristiano Jordano was a master of the night and keeping everyone energized, featuring songbird Romina, who performed her own songs, while wearing a beautiful costume and a headpiece created by Krista.

Jazz muse Nihkee Blue nailed it with a help of great musician Dexter Cooke.

Camera virtuoso Frank Siegel covered all the photos on the red carpet.
Terrific sponsors ListVanities.com, CLARINS, SmileMaker, Uomo Moderno Magazine, Zoya Egan Millinery, Positano Coast Restaurant made it all possible for our quirky and beautiful guests, and special prizes for amazing costumes.

Special thanks to Marianna Coppola, our wonderful hostess and the manager of Positano Coast Restaurant and her staff who always spoil us with their hospitality, delicious hors d’oeuvres and The Private Paparazzi
Club’s signature cocktails created with the help of the talented bartender, Israel.

Just wait till the next party: It’s going to be even better!

Here is a little slide show of pictures from our fun night.

If you are not a Private Paparazzi Club member yet please Join The Club and make our next Party more beautiful. Always be camera ready when you come to celebrate with us!
For more pictures please visit our Private Paparazzi Productions  and Private Paparazzi Club Facebook Pages


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  1. Sandra says:

    Hi my name is Sandra. I couldn’t came to your Angels and Demons party. What a fun night did I miss! Private Paparazzi Productions is always surrounded by fun. I am looking forward to a next party!

  2. Mark says:

    Looking forward to a next party!

  3. Michal Geryol says:

    Hi there, I want to be invited! Have a Good day

  4. Jimmy Millison says:

    Need to join you next time!

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