Uomo Moderno: Italian Style Video


This video is about The New Generation Fashion Tour from Italy, Francesco Di Maio of Uomo Moderno.
Francesco Di Maio of Uomo Moderno, the 1st & only fashion and lifestyle magazine from Italy, invites you to an evening of fashion, luxury & style in the 1787 colonial Morris House, featuring the men’s & women’s collections of select designers from Italy, including
Nico Didonna: Haute Couture, Men & Women’s
Rumjungle: Casual Street, Men & Women’s
Malph: Avant-garde, Men & Women’s
Lvchino: Classic Contemporary, Men’s
Francesca Marotta: Bespoke, Sicily Inspired
Live Music: Valentina Raffaelli of Tuscany with Sunshine Superman
Star Guest Model: Brandon Boykin, Cornerback, Philadelphia Eagles

R.Race- video

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