The Rail Park in Philadelphia

The Rail Park in Philadelphia.
by Inna Race
Are you available to do a tour of the future Philadelphia Rail Park that will be soon the equivalent of the High Line in NYC and La Promenade Plantee in Paris?  The 1-st elevated Rail Park in the world La Promenade Plantee was actually started in Paris in 1988.

private-paparazzi-productions_rail-park eCD2A3666We had an opportunity to go to a private tour with Michael Garden and Liz Maillie who are on the board of The Friends of the Rail Park to discover this unique initiative for Philadelphia.

The tour is created to bring more awareness and get strong support about this incredible project since it is really going to change and transform Philadelphia and make it more international like NYC and Paris.
eCD2A3729 eCD2A3730 eCD2A3732 eCD2A3735 eCD2A3740 eCD2A3742 eCD2A3749 eCD2A3759 eCD2A3769 After years of organizing, raising money, and drafting proposals, their efforts – and those of the politicians and professional planners who joined the cause – finally appear ready to bear fruit.

Without fanfare, the city and the state have included millions of dollars in their latest budgets toward the first phase of the project: transforming the quarter-mile railroad “spur” that curves through the city’s burgeoning Loft District and dead-ends onto North Broad Street.

Please spread the word, donate. For more information visit:

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