The Queen of Comedy

by Alev Gefen
May the Schwartz Be With You!: The Joys of Joan Rivers

Heads up, Joan Rangers: The Queen of Comedy just went on to join the other legends in their Celestial Compound. In the midst of all the chaos and excitement from our travels, we the Private Paparazzi Productions gang decided to take five and watch some Fashion Police, hosted by the one and only Joan… Little did we suspect that her coverage of the stars’ wardrobe hijinks at the Emmys and VMAs would be her final appearance in the flesh. Who will fill spunky shoes of irreverent wit and sheer wisdom? Who will carry the torch of teasing and delighting swarms of audiences—both live and on TV—with snippets of shock and hunks of hilarity about the latest dress-up disaster or relationship wrecking ball? Kelly, George, and Giuliana make a gloriously goofy team of commentators, but Joan is the glue that binds them seamlessly together… She cracked us up in Mel Brooks’ Sci-Fi farce Spaceballs, gave us high-end cheats and treats in the form of how-to’s for looking like a million bucks for a few dollars, schooled many a dress delinquent on Fashion Emergency, and, of course, stood by our side both amidst Hollywood hoopla and the latest events that shaped and shook the world… We are in utter shock, and we feel like crying. But Joan, we hold back, because we have a feeling you wouldn’t tolerate it. You would let us have it, just as you do to the stars guilty of a fashion faux pas. All that you have laughed over and cried about, all your peeves and pearls made you our beloved Queen of Comedy and Pop Couture. Joan, may the Schwartz be with you, and may the love of your family (fans included) carry you up and forward…

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