The Love Letter.

By Inna Race

We all have moments in life, when it is really easy to be proud of where we are from and to say it out loud. I always loved to answer that I am from Philadelphia (still saying it with my Belorussian accent, obviously).

Always proud, but tired to see looks of almost-pity from fashion and beauty industry colleagues in New York or other major fashion cities, whenever I mention Philadelphia. Unfortunately, the City of Brotherly Love is not at the top of the list, when it comes to style.

I personally know so many talented stylists and designers working hard on changing that opinion about our Philadelphia, and I am so happy to see that the progress is happening.

I am proud that the Award winning Fashion Magazine, Uomo Moderno, is Philadelphia-based.

One more great Uomo Moderno Fashion Show from Italy at New York Fashion Week and the Philadelphia Collection at Voyeur Night Club created by Editor of the Magazine Francesco Di Miao, with help of wonderful models and Dominic Alston, the Model Coordinator; Main Line Models and Talent; Hair & Makeup team by Paul Labrecque – the Rittenhouse Spa.

e-Inna-Race-Photography_Miss-Paparazzi_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Uomo-Moderno_Philadelphia_2015-1025Everyone loved the collections of Gate64-activewear label from Italy, RUM JUNGLE -a casual streetwear brand from Italy, WYWoL (Wear Your Way of Live) by Edoardo Francesco Gradi, DueDiLatte: 100% Made from Milk, The grand finale of the was by Francesca Marotta who designed Vini.Vidi.Vici (I Came. I Saw. I Conquered), which was inspired by iconic actresses like Marlene Dietrich.

Thank you to Pastele Pasquelina – City of Pastele – who performed her latest hits! Just before DueDiLatte hit the runway, a Fashion Vignette was enacted for the first time in Philadelphia, directed by Caleb Alexander.

The skit interpreted the inspiration behind the 2016 Spring/Summer Collection of DueDiLatte, which was Charlie Chaplin’s meeting Marylin Monroe! Other actors include Belinda Vargas, Levi Statter, and Maria Castillo. Thank you to Voyeur Nightclub owner William Weiss, the Video and Light Operator, and The DJ Dozia.

Private Paparazzi Productions love to be a part of these changes in the making!
Great Fashion From Italy with love. We are happy to share some pictures from the show with you.

For more pictures please visit our Private Paparazzi Productions Facebook Page

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