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Private Paparazzi Productions are very happy to announce that our new project is in process. 
We are planning The Art Gala – an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Art Community in Philadelphia and A Charity Fundraiser.
The main goal of The Art Gala is to create a beautiful, festive event for the city’s Art community and give exposure to up-and-coming as well as to established artists as well as to fundraise money for the cause.
Each year’s event will be represented and celebrated with a distinctive theme, which will set the tone for the Fashion Show, as well as for the Art exhibition.
Guests are expected to choose their fashion to correspond with the theme of the Gala.
We hope that The Art Gala will become one of the most exclusive social events in Philadelphia; we anticipate that its red carpet fashions and Art displays will be widely photographed, reviewed, critiqued and emulated.
Our First Art Gala with the theme “All Colors of Happiness” is planned for May 7th of 2016 will be held at Arts Ballroom of Philadelphia and will benefit the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, specifically it’s Art Therapy Program.
We want to create a Great Energy event and remind to everyone ones again that Happiness is coming in all colors, shapes, genders, sexual orientations, and creeds.
It will include a red carpet arrival, followed by a cocktail hour, an Art exhibit and silent auction, a Fashion Show, and a Dance Party.
We look forward to raise some money with the help of our Sponsors and local Artists, having quite a few well-known Artists and Designers to be guest stars at our Art Gala.
We welcome Artists, along with various Sponsors, to make our Art Gala one of the most special Annual Events in the City of Philadelphia.
If you are interested in being a part of the event by helping in any way and want to become a part of our group of volunteers please contact Inna Race at: innarace@theartgala.com

For tickets and more information please visit www.TheArtGala.com

We are looking forward to celebrating The Art Gala with you!
*Tickets are limited, not refundable and sales will benefit the charity cause

If you a member of Private Paparazzi Club you can get your discount at:

Please come celebrate The Art Gala with us, or Make a Donation.
100% of the donations will benefit The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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  1. W H says:

    Sounds so cool! Looking forward to it.

  2. venhny says:

    Very impressive! I want to be a part of it.

  3. Tofjzt says:

    I love this idea! And I love your website http://theartgala.com

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