Just Eye Candy?

By Inna Race and Dianna L. Kelly.

For the second year The Art Gala team of volunteers and sponsors are sharing their talent, time, knowledge, money and, more importantly, their Hearts and Love, to create an Event that celebrates Arts and raising awareness.

Arts? Artists? Charity?

The Art Gala team members have already gotten used to questions like, “Why do you do it?” “Don’t you have something more important to do?” “Don’t you have a life?”…

Yes, it’s not easy, but the project is incredibly important and rewarding! The Art Gala is our lifestyle, for the second year in a row. We do make a change! Even if that change is small.

After a recent conversation with my long time friend Dianna L. Kelly about my team’s difficult yet enjoyable process of preparing for The Art Gala and about the role the Arts play in our lives, she agreed to put her thought on paper for me:

“I have very artistic siblings that amaze me with their work, a husband who has a natural knack for it, and a daughter who, at 9 years old, shows signs of really holding her own in the world of Art; I however, have none of that. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.

So never having really understood Art, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that it was more than just eye candy. I mean literally, museums paintings thousands of dollars for a picture! Or painting! Just wasn’t something comprehensible to me. I took me until now, at 42 years old, to finally talk myself through to an understanding that recently was validated (“The Artist as Citizen” by author Joseph W. Polisi)

To see Art as just eye candy was so completely wrong, so completely immature, so void of truth! I am now able to see Art as so much more—as an intense force in life.

Not only do hundreds of thousands of human beings around the world make their living from Art, literally being able to feed themselves and their families on Art, but hundreds of thousands more are trying to. So much of our economic growth is due to Art, as innovation, creation, writings, drawings, and the production of say the cars that come from them.

When you start to see Art the way I do now, it’s so brilliant: It’s in everything we do, it’s everywhere we turn In fact, I’m not sure I can find anything at all that isn’t connected to Art! From a poster on the wall, to a friend’s acrylic painting that has me in complete awe, to food, to gifts at the Hallmark store, to painting our homes, to the souvenirs we buy on vacation in other countries… I mean I could go on forever! Then learning that I DO in fact have artistic talent just expressed in ways I hadn’t considered Art before.

To capitulate and say that yes, Art is entertainment, is still quite shallow, actually, as I then realize that isn’t entertainment at the very heart of all Americans?! Wait –every country?! Wait – every human being?

Isn’t Art at the very center of everything we choose to buy to look at? Isn’t Art the expression on the face of the person you love, hence capturing it on video, in pictures, in paint? Isn’t entertainment what we seek when we’re with those we love?

How then can Art just be eye candy – what a sad view – what a loss for you.
Isn’t it true then that Art is at the very epicenter of humanity? 


Dianna L. Kelly, BSW”

Thank you, Dianna. I would not be able explain the importance of Art any better.

I don’t think I have to elaborate on the importance of charity work to anyone. Our very first Art Gala, with the theme “All Colors of Happiness”, reminded everyone, once again, that Happiness comes in all colors, shapes, genders, sexual orientations and creeds. We 
raised money for the kids at CHOP, specifically the Art Therapy Program and the Neurosurgery Department, through the talents of the participating artists and designers, and sponsorship donations.

The Art Gala “Imagine” on May 13th, 2017 in Philadelphia is intended to create a great energy event to raise Anti-Bullying Awareness and to raise money for The Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children.

Would you like to make a difference with us? To feel that you helped to make this world a more beautiful and peaceful place? If you do, we would love to have you as our guest!

Details at: TheArtGala.com

Thank you to our generous sponsors: Sponsored by: Listvanities.com -Bathroom Furniture; Geno’s Steaks – A Philadelphia Original Since 1966; DovePress.com – Open Access Publisher of Medical Journals; Arts Ballroom – Philadelphia’s Hidden Gem.

*Cover Photo: Artwork by Inna Race “”Inspiration by Delvaux and a Siren”
Model: Dianna
Group photo by: Frank Siegel.


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