The Art Gala “Imagine” 2017.

By Alev Gefen.
Photos by: Frank Siegel, Ross Bagley, Marc Wyche, Joe Hoddinott.

Imagine, Believe, and Create. Imagine… and Be!

May 13th, 2017, The Art Gala had its second annual celebration, where art, music, and fashion dance together. The Private Paparazzi Productions team is back in the spectacular Arts Ballroom; everywhere you looked, the atmosphere was overflowing with amazing talent.

We could not have been more thrilled to see familiar faces from last years Gala “All Colors of Happiness” gracing the stage along with new artists, performers, designers, and models. Every note, dance move, and outfit was a stunning in-your-face statement to anyone, who dared tell them, “you can’t”. We imagined an incredible show, and we achieved an unforgettably enjoyable evening that was created to share the talent and to raise Anti-Bullying Awareness.

For the second year in a row, the TAG team tirelessly tossed around a delightful bunch of wild and unconventional ideas that came to fruition as not just a show but also a moving work of art. Beautiful guests, all of them dressed to the nines, mingled on the Arts Ballroom’s red carpet and enjoyed the spectacular night. Sipping on delicious cocktails and premium open bar selections, the guests feasted their eyes on live painting by Perry Milou, live body art by Theron Cook, as well as artwork by Jed Williams and Inna Race.

“Imagine” kicked off with an unforgettable ballet performance. The swan-like Svetlana Shapiro, from St. Petersburg’s prestigious Kirov Ballet Company, exuded utter elegance and grace. The guests will never forget the mind-blowing, daring Iron Maiden Forge Collection by Ellen Durkan.

Iron Maiden Forge Collection by Ellen Durkan.

Her intricate outfits, made entirely of metal and leather, were definitely not for the faint of heart. The models skillfully wore their dangerously sexy ensembles, carefully shifting to the rhythm of electro-rock, masterfully composed specifically for Ellen’ collection presentation.

Sammy Alexander Collection

Fresh out of college, designer Sam Mullen got an opportunity to present his debut line “Sammy Alexander” of trendy ready-to-wear statements.

Jermaine Pratt Collection

Elegant styles of Philadelphia’s own Jermaine Pratt completed the looks with funky chic shoes.
A woman of many talents, the hot and jazzy Alice Marie, radiated throughout the night, providing melodic accompaniments on violin to open Orlando Coquias fashion collection inspired by the acclaimed show Game of Thrones.

Orlando Coquias Collection.

Aaron Gobbana Pleasant gave the show a funky flare with his hip-hop performance. The night covered all bases, featuring a little bit of everything to suit every taste.

Performers: Alice Marie, Aaron Gobbana Pleasant and Svetlana Shapiro

DJ Perry Angelozzi Event Services, along with the wonderful DJ Paulie Day, kept the party going up to midnight, with all the guests dancing until the last minute. What a party! What a night!

The Art Gala “Imagine” Sponsors Ron Race and Geno Vento

We cannot extend enough gratitude to our sponsors:– Bathroom Furniture; Geno’s Steaks- Philadelphia Original since 1966; Dove Press Open Access Publisher of Medical Journals, and last but not least, the Arts Ballroom, for making it all possible.

The Art Gala 2017 Team

We created a beautiful celebration, thanks to their support and to the talent of TAG team volunteers: They included all the models, as well as the not-yet-mentioned Monika Siencowska, Elaine Spencer, and James Dean. All of us created a beautiful night dedicated to celebrating Art, which helped raise some money to benefit the Children and Youth with Special Needs at St. Christopher’s Hospital. A huge thank-you goes out to Frank Siegel, Ross Bagley, Marc Wyche, Anna Albrekht, and Jacke Hui– a talented group of photographers and videographers, who captured the unforgettable moment.

Thank you to everyone for supporting ART!

For more pictures please visit Private Paparazzi Productions Facebook Page.

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