Quebec City, Canada

By Alev Gefen
Photos by Inna Race
Quebec City… A haven of Old France, studded with gorgeous hills, slopes, and squares.
The distinctive “Cajun” flare is characteristic of these parts. It may be quite a ways from Montreal, but every mile is worth it;…
One cannot help but fall in love with the architecture, the parks, the churches, and the public squares.

private-paparazzi-quebecWalk wherever you wish—up or down the never-ending hills to take in the sights, enjoy a lovely meal on the terrace of a quaint café, or catch a piece of performance art. private-paparazzi-productions-quebecSimply amazing… If the views weren’t enough, then how about the ear candy? A melodic mélange of languages from every nook and cranny of the valleys, galleries, cafes, and shops.
And what a treat: A striking super-moon bathed the boardwalk and glistened off the river.
So far, I am in love…

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