Reporting from the United Nations!

by Alev Gefen
Photos by Inna Race
ea_Miss-Paparazzi_Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_United-Nations_April-2015-0206Hi, friends and fans! Alev here with Private Paparazzi Productions. Another amazing night in New York City came up on our horizon, and it happened to be at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. No words to describe the amazing experience, but we shall try our best.
e_Miss-Paparazzi_Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_United-Nations_April-2015-0245The Private Paparazzi crew were cordially made part of a spectacular exhibition by Stefano Losi.
e_Miss-Paparazzi_Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_United-Nations_April-2015-0256First Officer of the United Nations, painter, poet, and sculptor, he is indeed the Renaissance man, and an extremely charming one. Mr. Losi regaled us and the public with excerpts from his poetry and artwork, which belong to his collection entitled Respiro (“I breathe”).e_Miss-Paparazzi_Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_United-Nations_April-2015-0215We have had the pleasure of mingling with him and of being amongst ambassadors from multiple countries. The room was teeming with dignified faces (many of whom were dignitaries, for certain). e_Miss-Paparazzi_Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_United-Nations_April-2015-0219The United Nations Headquarters is, in itself, a portrait of elegance, freedom, and opportunity.e_Miss-Paparazzi_Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_United-Nations_April-2015-0223The fun and bubbly crowd from EuroCircle was there, as usual, laughing and clinking wine glasses. Sherry Kumar, the EuroCircle queen, was ever-present with her throng of talented friends, including eccentric photographer Attila and suave opera singer Milan (a rather fitting name, n’est-ce pas?).e_Miss-Paparazzi_Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_United-Nations_April-2015-0228Never would we have imagined the chance to dip our toes in the pool of global diplomats. e_Miss-Paparazzi_Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_United-Nations_April-2015-0239Yet here we were, diving right in! We have been given a rare insight into the organization, whose mission is to bridge gaps between societies. And to think that it happened during our first year in existence…e_Miss-Paparazzi_Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_United-Nations_April-2015-0247We’reOnly One Year Old…And We’re in UN!e_Miss-Paparazzi_Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_United-Nations_April-2015-0234Thank you, global fans and friends. We could not have done this without you!e_Miss-Paparazzi_Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_United-Nations_April-2015-0276

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