Make My Day!—Event-Planning Expo, 2014

by Alev Gefen
Photos by Inna Race
Let’s get this party started!
eCD2A3799  Alev here, with Private Paparazzi Productions.
Inna-Race_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Alev-Gefen_NYC-Event-Planning-ExpoThe gang is at it, once more, exploring the perpetually-popping, bustling New York City.
This time, we gorged on gorgeous ideas for throwing a simple yet high-end party, no matter what the occasion. Our haunt for today, October 6, 2014, was the sprawling Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan.
Inna-Race_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Alev-Gefen_NYC-Event-Planning-ExpoSpanning two stories, the gala featured an astonishing group of people from all walks of the party-planning industry.
Inna-Race_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Alev-Gefen_NYC-Event-Planning-ExpoAll of the area’s most reputed event-planners, caterers, travel and leisure experts, and fashion experts gathered to bounce between booths and exchange ideas.
Inna-Race_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Alev-Gefen_NYC-Event-Planning-ExpoThe booths were laden with enticing goods from tantalizing food samples to alluring travel flyers and party brochures.
Inna-Race_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Alev-Gefen_NYC-Event-Planning-ExpoThe names present were among New York’s hottest in their respective niches: They were EMRGMedia, ColinCowie, NYC Venue Guide, Event Planner, and many others.

The evening was amazing, to say the least. I had the opportunity to get up-close and personal with some of the faces and hear their stories—some whimsical, some poignant, all inspiring.
eCD2A3848eCD2A3811We met Cassie and Elizabeth from EMR Media. They are part of your go-to team for selecting the best high-end hotel, wherever your itinerary leads you. If you are looking to sweeten up a birthday party, a wedding reception, an anniversary, or a just-because event for special people in your life, then try the Butterfly Bakeshop. It is owned and operated by Orlando and Stacey Leon, whose story is too sweet not to share. With his career in transition, Orlando concocted the business in 2010. Designing cakes turned passion into profession for Stacey and Leon, and their daughter’s favorite theme of butterflies helped the venture take off.
eCD2A3822Inna-Race_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Alev-Gefen_NYC-Event-Planning-ExpoInna-Race_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Alev-Gefen_NYC-Event-Planning-ExpoLife should be about allowing yourself any excuse for a party! That is the motto of Sean Dore and his brainchild. I met with Sean and Fred, who imparted on me their visions for throwing an unforgettable bash. Whatever your whim, they got it covered. The New Jersey-based company is ringing in festivities since 1987, and all New Yorkers turn in its direction for unique theme-based birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and anything imaginable.If you are seeking to jazz up a corporate event and need a great venue for it, then Sherwin Johnson can lead the way. For twenty years, he has run various functions at Chelsea Piers, in the famed Sunset Terrace restaurant.
Inna-Race_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Alev-Gefen_NYC-Event-Planning-ExpoeCD2A3853Inna-Race_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Alev-Gefen_NYC-Event-Planning-ExpoSpeaking of fine dining, the expo had an abundance of mouth-watering morsels: Gourmet empanadas with various fillings, savory branzino tartar, smooth and spicy apple cider… Anyone, whose taste buds are in the mood for a tango cannot resist a cocktail fit for royalty: An intriguing combination of high-end whiskey, Seltzer, and lime juice gives you “Blackmail”; a fizz foray of champagne and maraschino liqueur make a drink fit for its namesake, “Prince of Wales”.
And it was great to see our friends Francesco Di Maio and his models from Uomo Moderno- Italian Life Style Magazine.
Band tied the expo together, as lively guests took in snippets of New York’s trendiest party moments. Is being in this city reason enough to throw a party? We think so!

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