Mad for Martha’s Vineyard.

By Alev Gefen
Photos by Inna Race
#InnaRacePhotography #MissPaparazzi #PrivatePaparazziProductionsAlev here, with Private Paparazzi Productions. We are raising a glass to Martha’s Vineyard, the always-enticing hideaway in Massachusetts, USA. Here’s a catch: The Martha behind the moniker remains a mystery, and there is no vineyard! People love it, because Martha’s Vineyard is one of the most ideal places to relax and truly escape; the only means of getting here are by ferry or airplane. No wonder that celebrities and politicians flock here for some R&R, away from the chaos of work and the prying eyes of tabloid reporters. We certainly found our escape, as there is always something new and fascinating to discover each day.

#InnaRacePhotography #MissPaparazzi #PrivatePaparazziProductions
Perhaps you would like to start off at the beach: State and South are just two stunning places for catching some waves, tanning, and indulging in scrumptious seafood feasts… Our lobster picnic was to die for! If you are in the mood for history and have a flare for Native American charm, check out the beautiful Aquinnah. If shopping strikes your fancy, then Oak Bluffs is a great place to start; you can be sure to spot signs of the island’s symbol, the Black Dog. (Cue Led Zeppelin.)
#InnaRacePhotography #MissPaparazzi #PrivatePaparazziProductionsIf you are looking for even more peace and quiet, then the Mytoi Garden on Chappaquiddick (affectionately known as “Chappy”) is the place to be: This gorgeous Japanese-style retreat with traditional tori (ceremonial gates), lush foliage, and soothing ponds—livened with colorful koi and agile snapping turtles—is a treat for all senses.
#InnaRacePhotography #MissPaparazzi #PrivatePaparazziProductionsSunset. For the best view on the island, Menemsha is the place to see it. Overlooking the water, something special happens in Mnemsha, where the sky becomes a canvas, and the sun a palette of almost otherworldly yellow, orange, peach, and red hues… Also a wonderful place for planning a family picnic.A great area for zooming into nightlife is Edgartown. Not only will you find a plethora of upscale stores and tempting restaurants (Chesca’s being a top favorite for many), but it is also has one of the finest views for a moonlight stroll. And of course, who could forget Jaws? Spielberg brought his razor-tooth creation to life right here!
#InnaRacePhotography #MissPaparazzi #PrivatePaparazziProductions
Perhaps now, you would like to cool down and tempt your taste buds with something wicked cool. Mad Martha’s, it is! A place in a league of its own, Mad Martha’s is packed to the brim with customers eager to scoop up some madly creative flavors like mocha chip, peppermint stick, double chocolate, blueberry—you name it, they got it! And the signature treat at Mad Martha’s is Pig’s Delight: ice cream with everything! (We mean everything!) Ten-plus ice-cream flavors, ten-plus toppings, and you must order it by saying “Oink!”. What’s not to love?Shopping, seafood (not to mention some of the best clam chowder on the planet), unique ice cream, amazing beaches…
The sunshine. The breeze. The aura that screams “Paradise!”. We love Martha’s and bet that you will, too.

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#InnaRacePhotography #MissPaparazzi #PrivatePaparazziProductions

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