Love is Love

By Alev Gefen
Love-LGBT_freedom_Equality_Pride_Inna-Race_Alev-Gefen_America_USA_Private-Paparazzi-Productions“But I can’t change. Even if I tried. Even if I wanted to…”
So sings Miranda Lambert in her duet with Macklemore, celebrating Love… Same love… The love that radiates throughout each one of us, no matter how and for whom we feel it…
Alev here, with Private Paparazzi Productions, bringing the latest in joy and pride. Yes, Pride!
We could not be prouder for America at this time, and for the fact that we live under her wing. After decades of strife to be recognized, couples of all backgrounds can embrace each other and each other’s lifestyles: June 26th, 2015 was a momentous day of literal rainbows and butterflies, when the United States government officially declared Marriage Equality for all. America and the rest of the world are reading the signs from the Universe that people deserve to share their lives, proudly, with whomever they desire. We saw it coming: double rainbows in Dublin, rainbow sidewalks in Philadelphia, the Red Carpet and media ringing louder than ever with messages of warmth and acceptance on all levels. We cannot forget Caitlyn Jenner’s graceful emergence as her True Self, among loving family and friends. We cannot get over the thrill of seeing more and more people in our circles taking steps into new lives as beloved husbands and wives.
We Americans finally can declare our true love, no matter what gender or orientation. Put a ring on it, and flaunt it!

Love doesn’t know a gender. Love just is.”—Tracy Kennedy

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  1. Uma Beloz says:

    Wonderful article!

  2. Jorge Upntinok says:

    You could not say it any better!

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