Keep on dancing and playing to your own beat.

“If you say run, / I’ll run with you.” — David Bowie (“Let’s Dance”)
by Alev Gefen
David Bowie loved the world… His songs did not seem to touch any one culture, gender, or creed. His lyrics were fluid and powerful, just like the man, the legend… While he may have had inner demons, no one knew or cared, because Bowie was too big of an Angel to let them get in the way of his Nature. Always ready to face the music, with a glamorous coif and frequently in awesomely androgynous makeup, David Bowie paved the way for artists of all branches (paint and microphone) to express their visions and voices, no holds barred.
He was a legend, who stood tall, both on his own and with others like him. Who can forget “Under Pressure”, the epic duet with the great late Freddie Mercury, or “Fame”, with the late mighty ex-Beatle John Lennon? Now, David joins them in the Heavenly Hall of Rock-and-Roll Fame.
We are shaken. We are at a loss. Yet somehow, we cannot help but smile with relief that David Bowie lived to see a momentous dream realized for many: Marriage Equality. Fans and tabloids probably frenzied over his orientation (describing himself as a “closeted heterosexual” in a Rolling Stone interview), but what does it matter? David Bowie loved the world. He was an amazing husband (to supermodel Iman), a devoted father, and a friend everyone dreamed of having. He did not simply play and sing rock; he was Rock. He was Art. He was the Silver Screen, portraying both artists and biblical characters (notably in a Martin Scorsese film). The late supermodel Gia Carangi appeared to see Bowie as an inspiration for her wardrobe, mannerisms, and a no-BS attitude.
It might be difficult, sometimes, not to heed what other people think or say about you, because the public image inevitably develops from the opinions of others. Nonetheless, we continue to practice the craft of not giving a f**k, just like Bowie did. He loved the world, and we shall always love him. Keep on dancing and playing to your own beat, David!

David Bowie’s Last Music Video Was A Goodbye To Us All

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