Carnevale di Philadelphie

Introducing, Inspiration: Masterpieces Reborn
eaDSC_7436By Inna Race
It was a great turnout at E-Moderne Gallerie on January 31, 2015, at the opening of the new Art Season in Philadelphia. “Carnevale di Philadelphie” – a wonderful event with more than two hundred people showing up, one Successful Warm and Sparkly Carnevale Night in cold wintery Philadelphia!
private_paparazzi_productionsprivate_paparazzi_productionsThere are some pictures of the event and some questions from an interview with an artist Inna Race by Angela Gervasi of the arts and entertainment section of Temple University’s newspaper, The Temple News. private_paparazzi_productionsprivate_paparazzi_productions Could you tell me a bit about your artistic career (i.e., how and when you started pursuing art, what kind of fine art you generally produce)?
I‘ve been an artist as long as I can remember. I always thought that the best gifts to receive, as a child, were not dolls or candies but colored chalk and pencils. All of the sketch albums in my apartment and almost every bit of concrete around the courtyard were covered with my drawings. I neither wondered nor questioned much, as far as what I would do, when Il grow up. I was fortunate that my home city of Minsk had what was then considered one of the best Art Colleges in Europe. It became my dream to get accepted into that school.
What is it that motivates you to create art? private_paparazzi_productionsEvery artist has some kind of message to share, and having enough motivation to do so is really important. I would say that the idea of sharing my energy with others is what motivates me.
private_paparazzi_productionsIs there a message, mood, emotion, or style in particular that you wish to convey with your works?
private_paparazzi_productionsAll of the aspects are important to my art, but which has a bigger impact varies from one project to the next. The main “emotion” behind the Inspiration project is emphasizing the beauty and uniqness of Nature’s finest canvas: human body. The thought is to combine God’s masterpiece with the ideas, lines and colors of art masters to convey one powerful energy. And I hope that the people will feel it.private_paparazzi_productionsprivate_paparazzi_productionsHow did you get involved with the E-Moderne Gallerie?private_paparazzi_productionsI was fortunate that my work caught Edward Fong’s interest. He invited me to share my ideas, and I came to see him with a large portfolio. After a wonderful, long conversation, I was glad to find that Edward felt so strongly about my Inspiration: Masterpieces Reborn project; he then offered me to be a part of the E-Moderne Gallerie team
What do you think makes this gallery unique?
private_paparazzi_productionsI love how Edward is always full of ideas and that he wants to make each opening night unique and memorable. To unite artists of different upbringing. cultural backgrounds, and schools of thought can be quite challenging (and sometimes intimidating), but never boring. You can always expect something new and surprising from this international gallery.
private_paparazzi_productionsprivate_paparazzi_productionsIn your own words, is there anything in particular that makes Philadelphia in particular a good city for artists?
private_paparazzi_productionsPhiladelphia is big enough for an artist to be discovered and recognized, yet it’s small enough not to get lost. It has plenty of great galleries to fit any art genre. There is also the tradition of “First Fridays”, when streets and galleries of Olde City are crowded with Art lovers .It really shows that Art in Philadelphia is a very important part of our lives.private_paparazzi_productionsprivate_paparazzi_productionsHow is it different to try and express yourself artistically in the US as opposed to Belarus?private_paparazzi_productionsI don’t think that expressing myself would be any different in Belarus right now than it would in America. All that changed is this great feeling of being able to walk into any art store to see rows upon rows of paints and brushes I could only dream of back in Belarus, and choose any type I wanted. But then again, it’s been eighteen years since I immigrated to America, so who knows what opportunities artists are given there now?private_paparazzi_productionsprivate_paparazzi_productionsFor more pictures from the Opening Night reception please visit our Facebook page.
To watch the video about the process of creating this project please click on a picture below.

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