Inna Race: A Moment of Zen

By Inna Race
Zen is not just sitting in the lotus position and focusing on your breathing. Zen is a way of life and your attitude towards everything around you. It reflects everything and everyone that you choose to be influenced by. Zen cannot be described in words, because then it loses meaning. It can only be expressed… In my case, Zen is art.

Inna Race, The Secret Keeper

Inna Race, The Secret Keeper

…We are all Travelers, always looking for new destinations to explore. Little do we know that some of the most exciting and enlightening journeys occur during our mind travel. When in the moment of Zen, we traverse different realms of the Soul.
This is the time for an unforgettable journey. You never know what will come your way. You could venture into the past or the future. Your Soul Travel can bring you to the imaginable and the unknown. You just need to Fly and See…

Inna Race, And Only The Soul Will Fly...

Inna Race, And Only The Soul Will Fly…

I grew up in a small European country of Belarus. It is distinguished by its quiet beauty; Belarus is rich in lush forests and marshes. The palette is thus very subdued, making it easy for us to delve into meditation and cultivate our imaginative spirit. The Belarusian palette plays with calm tones like gray, blue, and white. Belarus, incidentally, means “white Russia”, and you can see it expressed in everything from the people’s light complexion to the famous white linen clothing, interwoven with unique red and green patterns.

Inna Race, Peace

Inna Race, Peace

Lush green forests, frequent rains, and long winter nights helped shape an intriguing world of fairytales, which drove my inspiration. One of my all-time favorite artists, Marc Chagall, is a particularly famous example of this aesthetic. While living in Belarus, he was known for painting free-flowing scenes with characters that seemed to belong to no particular world and to all the worlds at once. Through his work in Paris, we begin to see Chagall’s use of brighter tones and more defined shapes. Indirectly, Chagall has been my mentor on the journey into and throughout art.

Inna Race, Touch And Be Touched

Inna Race, Touch And Be Touched

I do not have a clear answer about how I create my work. It always varies. I do not think my work is the type that makes people look and go, “This is Inna Race”. The reason for that is I always like to experiment in trying something new. When it comes to art photography, I sometimes paint my models’ bodies with an idea of how I want it to be. Other times I arrive at a concept when traveling or during a photo shoot. The experiment did not stop there, because the techniques were always different. I could shoot the photo one way, then edit it, transforming it into something else, entirely. So there is no single way to explain how my work comes about. My project, Transformations (the photos from my show “A Moment of Zen” part of this project) is a great example of that. Transforming people into masterpieces is what I do.

Inna Race, Touch The Unknown

Inna Race, Touch The Unknown

The show will be open from June 13th till July 18th at
The Bazemore Gallery
4339 Main St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19127

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