The Art Gala 2016 “All Colors Of Happiness”.

by Alev Gefen
Photography by Frank Siegel, Mikhail Veter, Ross Bagley


May 7, 2016… What a night! What talent! We could not have asked for a more spectacular event, filled to the brim with support, fantastic attitudes, and breathtaking fashions. The Art Gala (TAG) team has been working day and night, for over six months, to put on the Party of the Year. Upon walking into the spectacular Arts Ballroom in Philadelphia, one could not miss the atmosphere of utmost elegance, fun, and excitement. We at Private Paparazzi Productions were utterly delighted to take part in the festivities that celebrated Happiness in all its cultures, creeds, orientations, and sizes. We were ecstatic to create this night not only for our pleasure but also for the purpose of benefiting the Neurosurgery Department and the Art Therapy Program and  at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

From the first meeting of TAG team members to the big night, incredible ideas and positive vibes flowed nonstop. Each and every person at the event was a star—the crew, the models, the guests— and each interaction looked like a celebrity get-together worthy of the Oscars or the Met Gala. (Even the behind-the-scenes rehearsal was a delightful mayhem to watch.)

The Art Gala can be described only in so many words: The work of the talented photographers and videographers at the event will do it proper justice. Still, the Private Paparazzi Productions crew could not have asked for a better night. Not only did we get our sunshine (after a week of downpours), every model, performer, and guest radiated with style and confidence. Everyone on TAG team worked tirelessly to make every moment an exciting one.

A spectacular fashion show featured a splendid mix of classy and kooky pieces in each collection. The designers, who dazzled us included the following:

Domenca Vinci with her life performers and “Off Da Wall” collection; maestro Orlando Caquias; “The Debonair Man” by Weyman Patterson; ” Ms. Chalene'” by Victoria Davis; fun swimwear collection by Nutz & Boltz; collections by Melissa Marsan; Hector Cardona; Tiffany Michelle, and Darrick Leak’s collection of Leather Bowties in collaboration with Terrell Shaw Millinery.

The Art Ballroom looked even more spectacular with the help of Nicol Segel of Nicol Floral Design, and art work by talented D.L. Heath and Lauren Novak “Lo”. TAG models were representing All Colors Of Happiness: all ages, all shapes, all genders, all religions could not do a better job, performances by Shanell Verandez and famous Philadelphian Drag Queen Lisa Lisa; delicious food by 12 St. Catering,  premium open bar and DJ Drew were keeping party going. The TAG guests looked spectacular and were all smiles.

The Art Gala was made possible not only with the unwavering enthusiasm of its staff but also with the generous help of General sponsor- and numerous sponsors including:

Dove Medical Press; VCSvideo; Mikhail Veter Photography; Darkslide Media; Carrera Photo; Diostar; Arbonne International;  Sheraton Society Hill.

Several months of hard work and dedication resulted in an unforgettable night of friendship, love, creativity, and most of all, Happiness! We thank everyone, whether you were with us at the Ballroom or in spirit. We are all Artists; we are Happiness, and we cannot wait to do it again!

With love TAG team:

Inna Race (founder and CEO), Orlando Caquias, Monika Sienkowska, Mary Novak, Frank Segal, Cristina Petrescu, Mikhail Veter, Lena Spencer, James Dean, Ross Bagley, Dom Malandro, Jacke Hui, Ron Morrison, Yandra Hernandes, and me Alev Gefen.

Here is the little video recap from our friend at MyNewPhilly: 

For more pictures from The Art Gala event please visit Private Paparazzi Productions FB Page

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