Every Saint Has a Past, and Every Sinner Has a Future.

by Alev Gefen
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America is taking part in a momentous five days, the effect of which is bund to carry on for lifetime upon lifetime. Five days is all it took for a truly brilliant man to let the nation—and the world—know that compassion is all the religion we need… We are talking about a man none other than Pope Francis, who Graced us with his presence in a number of cities, including Washington DC, New York City, and Philadelphia. No fervor was needed, no ceremony, only a peaceful gathering of Souls.

Such was the message that Pope Francis (“Papa Francesco” to our friends at Private Paparazzi Productions) delivered to everyone, who heard, whether physically or in spirit. Whether you saw him in person, on TV, or via YouTube, Pope Francis’ message was loud and clear: One does not need to create any boundaries to respect and protect one another. No dramatic crossing gestures, no passage quoting, no singling out of one figure as being mightier than others. He spread the word without preaching; he got back to the roots of America’s tapestry, the melting pot that this country is… Belief in oneself and others is the key. Pope Francis reminded us to live in the moment and treasure the positive energy that surrounds.

#InnaRacePhotography #MissPaparazzi #PrivatePaparazziProductions
Believe in your strength and potential; give others a chance. Pope Francis said, rather profoundly, that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. Long story short, do not judge, just love.

Joy and compassion are where Angels reside; darkness and despair are where demons hide. Pope Francis could not have been more right in saying so. From the White House lawn, to St. Patrick’s, Cathedral, to Harlem, everybody was of one heart in this man’s eyes. His preference to break bread with the homeless, in lieu of dining with the elite in Congress, appeared to mirror the actions of another Soul, who also spread the message of Agape (unconditional, universal love) roughly three millennia prior.

Faith is about compassion, rather than adherence to scriptures. A single chapter or verse cannot quantify the gift of grace and spiritual growth we have been given. Seeing each other as part of the grand mosaic that is Agape, and Pope Francis is here just in time to remind us of that.

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