The Women’s Day, EuroCircle and Alexandra

One more party with our EuroCircle Friends. One more party in our favorite city New York, in one of the coolest parts of it- the Meat District, maybe not at one of the coolest bars this time with not the best drinks. Anyway the company made it fun. Somehow EuroCircle hostesses always make it work. Alexandra Spirer is the Smiling face behind the secret of Success of EuroCircle group for many years. Private Paparazzi Production had a chance to sit down for an interview with Alex, and we are happy to share it with you.
e-Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Eurocircle_March-2015-7312Private Paparazzi Productions: Alexandra, it looks like you know everyone and manage not to miss a single party in New York City, especially lately, is this the lifestyle you have always led? Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey. How did idea of EuroCircle started?

Alexandra: EuroCircle started in 1999 as a free online informal community for European professionals and Europhiles (anyone interested in Europe) and has now grown to more than 100,000 members. With no political, religious or ethnic affiliations, EuroCircle is a place where you can exchange ideas, tips, professional contacts and make friends. You can meet people offline at our local events or online through our membership features. EuroCircle was a social network before Facebook or the term social network had even been invented.
e-Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Eurocircle_March-2015-7243PPP: You’ve been able to keep EuroCircle going for so many years. How do you explain the success of this organization?

Alexandra: EuroCircle started 16 years ago. I have been organizing for EuroCircle since 2011. We have been able to keep it going through the support of our members as well as the volunteers that run each of the Circles throughout the world. It is, due in large part to our founder Kaisa Kokkonen, who has worked very hard to bring EuroCircle to what it is today.
e-Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Eurocircle_March-2015-7313PPP: How do you come up with ideas for your next party?

Alexandra: I get inspired for party ideas from member suggestions, the season, or whichever themes I think our members will like throughout the year. (Our big summer rooftop party is one of my favorite events. )
e-Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Eurocircle_March-2015-7326PPP: How do you find so many interesting people to invite to your parties?

Alexandra: Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities. Many of our members have been involved for years through our founder Kaisa Kokkonen, some have found out about us by being at the venue where we hosted our event, through friends and word of mouth.
e-Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Eurocircle_March-2015-7251PPP: It seems like it’s not easy to keep up with all the activities and friends in your life, how do you manage to do that?

Alexandra: Time management. I try and give myself enough time to plan each event (at least a few weeks, if I can) and then balance that with other activities. I plan with my friends throughout each month.
e-Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Eurocircle_March-2015-7240PPP: Do you have any time for your personal life, for an “Alexandra Time”?

Alexandra: Yes, I do. I try to set aside one day a week where I can do things I am unable to do during the week and when I can stay home a few nights a week to recharge.
e-Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Eurocircle_March-2015-7316PPP: What do you do to recharge?

Alexandra: To recharge, I rest after work, take walks, go to the gym, and get massages, whenever I can. Travel whenever I am able to as seeing the world is one of the best ways out there to recharge. These things always help get me recharged.
e-Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Eurocircle_March-2015-7277PPP: What are some of your favorite EuroCircle parties, so far, and why?

Alexandra: One of my first parties that I attended before starting to organize events about 6 years ago at Midtown Loft we had a really fun summer party and had great music, and a DJ with some of the most incredible views of the city.
My first charity event at Tonic to benefit a wonderful women’s group at our first International Women’s Day Party in 2012. We had a wonderful group called “Tall Outstanding Women” help sell raffle tickets and everyone had a great time.
Our summer rooftop parties each summer at Gansevoort Park – a great way to enjoy the summer on a great rooftop with wonderful people.
e-Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Eurocircle_March-2015-7294PPP: What are some of the best and unexpected things ever to happen at EuroCircle?

Alexandra: For me the amazing people and friends I have met throughout the years, some of whom are dear close friends. The ability to travel the world with incredible people and see sites I never dreamed possible. That EuroCircle is continuing to expand throughout the world which is something our founder Kaisa Kokkonen has worked very hard for.
e-Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Eurocircle_March-2015-7364PPP: Where to, next?

Alexandra: I am currently working on some wonderful and different events that will be on the site soon for our members. Be on the lookout for more info on them soon.
e-Inna-Race-Photography_Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Eurocircle_March-2015-7256PPP: What is you biggest achievement in life?

Alexandra: For me my biggest achievement in life was graduating college. It was something I always wanted to accomplish and feel fortunate that I was able to.

Alexandra Spirer

Alexandra Spirer

PPP: What do you want to be known and remembered for?

Alexandra: I want to be remembered for living my life to the fullest and not regretting the choices I have made along the way.
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