Dressed in White and Dancing in the Rain

by Miss Paparazzi
#InnaRacePhotography #MissPaparazzi #PrivatePaparazziProductions“...At the last minute, the location is given to thousands of friends and acquaintances that have been patiently waiting to learn the “Dîner en Blanc’s” secret place. Thousands of people, dressed all in white, and conducting themselves with the greatest decorum, elegance, and etiquette, all meet for a mass “chic picnic” in a public space… “ *
Gorgeous views of New York’s Battery Park (2014) and Bryant Park in Manhattan (2013); the JFK Bridge over the Schuylkill in the shadow of 30th Street Station (2013) and Broad Street (2014) in Philadelphia are all of the great locations, where we at Private Paparazzi Productions had pleasure to attend and cover the event in our photo reportages. (You can find them in our Events section)
Launched with just a handful of friends by François Pasquier over 27 years ago, Paris’ Dîner en Blanc now assembles nearly 15,000 people each year.
It’s not about the rainy weather. No storm can stop 45 hundred people from having fun; after all, they have spent several months in anticipation, buying white shoes and putting white feathers in their hats. Everyone was popping corks and filling their glasses to the brim, completely oblivious to the downpour. One of the reasons for the weather mishap might have been to help distract the guests from this year’s chosen venue.
… Diners enhance the function and value of their city’s public space by participating in the unexpected. …There are no disruptions: no car traffic, no pedestrian traffic, except for the occasional amazed and astonished looks from passersby at the scene unfolding before them. And we, as they, wonder whether it’s all not a dream…” *
No worries about that: No car or pedestrian traffic bothered us. Unfortunately, neither did any passersby with amazement or astonishment at our setup. Location, location, location… It was Philadelphia Navy Yard: a tree-lined field in the shadow of an office building.

Sorry, guys, no great pictures of stunning views this year. But to see more of your gorgeous faces, please check out our Diner en Blanc albums (this, and of years past) on our Private Paparazzi Productions Facebook Page.
Thanks to a terrific team of entertainers (with a highlight performance from Martha Graham Cracker), who kept the public happy and busy dancing like no tomorrow and no rain. Thanks to a fabulous team of table leaders, who did their job to keep us all organized. We really hope that Diner en Blanc will disappoint no more and instead will keep bringing only good surprises to the thousands of people.
* Diner en Blanc Concept
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