Diner en Blanc. The Countdown Begins!

Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Dîner-en-Blanc- New-YorkIt is that time of year again: Diner en Blanc—time to wear something beautiful and outrageous (first in Philadelphia on August 21st, then in New York on August 25th). Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Dîner-en-Blanc- New-YorkPrivate-Paparazzi-Productions_Dîner-en-Blanc- New-York

Hats by Milica in the Hat Millinery

Hats by Milica in the Hat Millinery

aa1233576_523100724426425_1852990250_nOnly days before beautiful white evenings of fun, music, fine dining and camaraderie.Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Dîner-en-Blanc- New-YorkPrivate-Paparazzi-Productions_Dîner-en-Blanc- New-YorkWe cannot wait for the the secret locations to be reviled . We can not wait to be drown in a sea of white. Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Dîner-en-Blanc- New-Yorka1378067_523729227696908_1019820064_nThis is the chance to get crazy creative with your outfits and hats. Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Dîner-en-Blanc- New-YorkThe more off-the-wall, the better, and the press photographers will be all over you.Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Dîner-en-Blanc- New-YorkThis year, Private Paparazzi Productions is officially invited to be a photographer at Diner en Blanc.
It is great news for us; the only flaw is that we will be able to post the photos on our web site no sooner than two weeks after the event. But pictures are coming, and they will be fun. Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Dîner-en-Blanc- New-York

In the meantime, please take a peek at our pics from last year event in New York’s gorgeous Bryant Park.a1377053_523809264355571_150611545_n a1378148_523180734418424_1630662026_n
Hope to see you at The Party. Please SMILE to the camera!
Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Dîner-en-Blanc- New-York
Private-Paparazzi-Productions_Dîner-en-Blanc- New-York

If you need a last-minute hit of fantasy for a hat, then Milica in the Hat Millinery can help.

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