Brindiamo to Bermuda!

by Inna Race
A year ago, I was invited to do a photo-shoot for the cover of Uomo Moderno Magazine. This is when I met Ornella Fado, the beautiful hostess of Brindiamo TV and the first woman to be featured on a cover of Uomo Moderno.


Who knew, back then, that out of a photo-shoot would develop a special bond between Ornella, and me, and that she would be so impressed with the results that I would be invited to work on the production of not only her new book but also of two shows for TV Brindiamo in Bermuda.

We began the celebration of Brindiamo’s 10th Anniversary on the Red carpet, followed by four fun days of shooting, meeting new friends, trying new food and sailing on cool boats; the most beautiful vessel belongs to a genuine pirate, Steve Hollis.


So many things to remember: The breathtakingly beautiful pink sand and emerald water of Bermuda makes an impression on you as soon as you see them.


Then there is the hospitality of St. George’s Club Resorts, not to mention the amazing food at Griffin’s Bistro and the Beach House Restaurants, prepared by great chefs like Piero Casalicchio and Michele Belotti.


During Red Carpet Night, I had the chance to meet crème de la crème of Bermuda: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gosling; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carreo; Mr. Dale Butler; Mr. Gioacchino Di Meglio; Ursula Avella; Steve and Susanne Hollis; Mr. and Mrs. Romeo; Brian Drea; Allan Hues of Butterfiel and Wallys; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gilmore; Mr. and Mrs. Steve Loke; last but not least, John and Pam Mariani of Castello Banfi.

“Brindiamo!” translates from Italian as “Let’s Toast!”

I want to toast to Bermuda and I really hope to get back there soon and enjoy the beauty of the “mysterious Bermuda triangle”.

For more pictures please visit Private Paparazzi Productions Facebook Page.

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