Boston, USA

By Alev  Gefen
Photos by Inna Race
Boston… America’s cradle of culture and history has taken me in for two amazing days.
Inna_Race_Photography_Boston_Alev_Private_Paparazzi_Productionsprivate_paparazzi_productionseCD2A9948My beautiful Boston. I loved it from the first steps taken on Copley Square, where I was unexpectedly swept into a circle of multicultural joy and Irish tradition in the form of line-dancing—which I had not done before…
Then, it was on to indulging in a true Boston feast of the best seafood I have taste, thus far.

The famous "Cheers"

The famous “Cheers”

Inna_Race_Photography_Boston_Alev_Private_Paparazzi_ProductionsThe next day was time for a trolley trek through the regal Cambridge and the beloved stadiums of Fenway Park and the Red Sox beacon.
private_paparazzi_productionsBest of all were the amazingly friendly locals, who dubbed their home as The Windy City. (Sorry, Chicago.) The winters supposedly sweep you away with their cold, but I could not have noticed.
Inna_Race_Photography_Boston_Alev_Private_Paparazzi_ProductionsInna_Race_Photography_Boston_Alev_Private_Paparazzi_ProductionsInna_Race_Photography_Boston_Alev_Private_Paparazzi_ProductionsInna_Race_Photography_Boston_Alev_Private_Paparazzi_ProductionsInna_Race_Photography_Boston_Alev_Private_Paparazzi_ProductionsInna_Race_Photography_Boston_Alev_Private_Paparazzi_ProductionsBoston is the place I can’t wait to see again.

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