Clarins®: You Deserve #1

by: Alev Gefen
photos by: Inna Race

You cannot miss this! Clarins® is the first “green” skincare company started by French medical student, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, in 1954. Europe’s #1 Prestige Skincare Company since the 1970’s, CLARINS is revealing a brand-new concept: its first-ever American store, located in the King of Prussia Mall’s newest wing. January 26, 2017 is the day to mark in your calendar!

Why CLARINS? Because it is all about you and your beauty. Jacques Courtin-Clarins equated quality with clients’ trust, as he was deeply committed to encouraging women in sharing their opinions of his products. Europe’s #1 skincare brand continues to be in tune with customers’ changing needs and ready to deliver revolutionary, eco-friendly formulas that use 250 natural plant extracts. Whatever your concern, CLARINS will help guide you in creating a personalized skincare program.

The CLARINS store will make shopping for your favorite cosmetics easier than ever. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, you can spend more time enjoying your new lipstick and less time trying every single shade. Come check out the store, and you can test out the amazing Glam App™. Simply snap a selfie, and have fun digitally applying the products on your face. Voila! You have found the perfect look without wasting a single Kleenex to wipe away the lipstick. Enjoy “Skin Time”, where a Beauty Advisor will be on hand to offer a tailor-made skincare program, along with a hands-on demonstration of the Glam App™.

The new– and only– CLARINS store will have more exciting perks: besides the men’s skincare area, the spectacular new CLARINS store offers a maternity area, sensory bar, relaxation are and many more.

The friendly and knowledgeable CLARINS team is ready and eager to share with you exceptional services and cutting-edge technology, which add to the already-unforgettable Open Spa experience.

Please come and join in a full day of indulgence at the brand-new CLARINS store in King of Prussia. The 10:30 a.m. red ribbon-cutting ceremony will be followed by raffles and gift box giveaways. You will be able to try and find your new favorite CLARINS products, as well as meet the individuals that make up the King of Prussia dream team.

We took a minute to ask a few questions to the team and this is what they had to say:
Private Paparazzi Productions:
Why, in your personal opinion, is CLARINS the leading brand in skincare products?
Alexis Hare, CLARINS Beauty Advisor:
Our products deliver results. We have a lot to live up to. Our brand was developed in a spa, so it has to remain true to that and always perform exactly as it did since the beginning, if not better. Our products are plant-based, so they are wonderful for topical application. At CLARINS, we take the power of science to deliver the products deeper into the skin, so that our clients see REAL results. From what we’ve learned, the French put a tremendous focus on beauty; I think if we can combine the essence of French cosmetic science with the knowledge of our products and techniques into the average woman’s routine, we can make Clarins just as big in the US.

Jasmine Kerecz, CLARINS Beauty Therapist:
We are the leading skincare brand because of the in-depth knowledge we share with our guests on plants and science, but I think what truly changes us and makes CLARINS the leading skincare brand is the [Glam App™] application!  Our products are great, but once we teach our guests to use the application during “Skin Time”, the experience helps deliver all the ingredients deeper into the skin. I feel that a lot of brands aren’t taking that extra step to help customers go from feeling great to amazing.

Private Paparazzi Productions:
What do you anticipate will be most innovative and exciting about the CLARINS store at King of Prussia?
Heather Pappalardo, CLARINS Beauty Advisor:
I think the most exciting thing about the CLARINS boutique for our consumers is going to be the experience. We are going to give an unmatched, delightful adventure through our products, so that the client can feel one with the brand and enjoy it with us.

Jason Trego, Beauty Therapist:
The Open Spa: King of Prussia shoppers now have a place to unwind, treat themselves to a relaxing service, and recharge, so they can continue to shop till they drop. CLARINS is dedicated to giving its clients skincare that delivers effective short-term and long-term benefits to the skin that can accommodate all generations. How cool is that?

Private Paparazzi Productions:
What is your favorite part of the story (legacy) about CLARINS brand becoming such a success?
Dawn Sandy, Beauty Advisor:
My favorite part of the CLARINS legacy is how 60-year-old innovations are now being recognized around the world.

Private Paparazzi Productions:
How would you go about welcoming new clients—either new to the store or new to the CLARINS skincare brand?
Virginia Marano, CLARINS King of Prussia Store Manager:
I would welcome them like I would a guest in my home, making them feel like they are cared for. I think the best way to introduce the product to the client is to show them that we care about them and their skin and giving the client their most amazing skin.

Courtney Wright, CLARINS Beauty Advisor:
I am looking forward to sharing with our clients how amazing this brand is! CLARINS not only offers incredible skincare with the perfect amount of science and plants to help your skin, but also it offers products that help enhance well-being and provide an uplifted life!
Welcome to CLARINS’ new home!

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