Always Moderno!

by Inna Race
#InnaRacePhotography #MissPaparazzi #PrivatePaparazziProductions
New York Fashion Week. So many people dream about being there! Some as participating artists, some as spectators. We all know and love the glamorous fashion runways bathed in lights and studded with gorgeous models.
The Uomo Moderno Fashion Show is another story, for you never know what to expect.
A year ago was the first time Private Paparazzi Productions were invited to cover Fashion Week in New York and Philadelphia, featuring Uomo Moderno. Since then, we have been inseparable. One of the reasons is that working with Francesco Di Maio, editor of Uomo Moderno, is always a lot of fun.

The stage could not have been more exciting at New York’s Cutting Room full of celebrities, Francesco and his team surprised everyone with an edgy show dedicated to September 11. Talented designers: Francesca Marotta, W.Y.W.o.L., Rum Jungle, DueDiLatte, Gate64; stylists, makeup artists, musicians: 4Strung and Pastele performed Her Latest Hits; actors f of New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and models, including Actress & Celebrity Guest Model JamieLee Ackerman and Miss Puerto Rico & Miss Caribbean, Amanda Vilanova worked exceptionally hard to make this show unique and memorable. The crowd was entertained to the fullest and felt especially welcome upon being greeted by Francesco De Maio, himself; the young, beautiful, and talented actress JamieLee Ackerman was also the highlight of the evening. I was lucky enough to get a private photo session with JemieLee, which is could be done only by by professional model: in a little time in-between wardrobe changes. Stay tuned for some pictures from the shoot and an interview with the actress.
It has been great company, great time, great show as usual; things keep getting more interesting every time.
I don’t even know what to expect next from Uomo Moderno. Flying Dragons, perhaps?

#InnaRacePhotography #MissPaparazzi #PrivatePaparazziProductions

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