All Colors Of Happiness

All Colors Of Happiness
by Alev Gefen and Inna Race


I’m here doing what I do,
trying to make a little difference in the world
in the best way I know how.

I am here to make a difference!

No matter how small,

The BEST way I know HOW.

I am not a race,

Not in a rush to be better than you.
I am me; you are you.
I am a Light; you are a Light.

I am tired of violence, of discrimination, of hate,

I want peace, I want Love,

I want to travel the world without being scared.

I am tired of wars;
I am tired of judgment.
I am not a fan of racism.

I do not wish people to judge my IQ by my accent
or my abilities by the color of my skin.

I am not who you think I am;

You are who You think I am.
I want to be seen not for what I have
But for what I am willing to give.

I am not a shape, orientation, color or creed;
I am Happiness.

Happiness comes in Many Colors.

I am many hues– many Colors of Happiness.

I am Love; I am Art;

I am Laughter in many tongues.

I am Happiness.

You are Happiness.

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