A Woman of Many Hats.

by Miss Paparazzi


I first noticed Zoya Egan several years ago, while Private Paparazzi Productions were covering the Radnor Hunt Horse Races. A tall gorgeous model just earned a medal for the best hat–so tall and so beautiful, that it was hard to miss her at Devon’s Ladies’ Day Event. As I was taking pictures of beautiful ladies, she came up to me, stretched out her hand and with a wide smile introduced herself, “Hi, I am Zoya!”  Later on, I discovered there is much more to the story behind the beautiful face. #InnaRacePhotography #MissPaparazzi #PrivatePaparazziProductions

Private Paparazzi Productions: You just started your Millenary business a few years ago. Why hats? How did it all happen?
Zoya Egan: Nothing can enhance elegance better than a stylish hat. It can also add an edge with chic and eccentric touches to your look!

PPP: We know that you are literally “The woman of Many Hats”. Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey.
ZE: My Mom was a well-known seamstress in my hometown Nalchik, Russia, so since I was a little girl, I have been surrounded by fashion! Hundreds of yards of beautiful fabrics, lace, muslin, chiffon, you name it. Fashion magazines were everywhere! And of course, women… There were always at least three women at our house; it was some sort of Salon de Modes. And I guess I carried that love for glamorous things throughout my entire life. In the US, I got a computer science degree and worked several years as an IT specialist in NJ. But again, the dream of having that lifestyle of being surrounded by fashion never actually left my mind. So, in 2014, when I won the first prize in Best Hat Competition at Radnor Hunt Races, I thought, “pourquoi pas?” That’s how I reinvented my life with the passion I carried all these years. And now, I am the happiest person on Earth!


PPP: Where do you find your inspiration?
ZE: Inspirations are pouring from all over! It’s around us! The beautiful lobby in the Bellevue Hotel with its intricate details everywhere inspired me to create a fascinator made with golden organza and brown leather, a perfect union of sleek and bouffant.

PPP: What designers influenced you?
ZE: Akris with his signature minimalism; also Diane von Furstenberg with her high-energy color palette.

PPP: Why do you believe in your success, how different is your art from other millineries?
ZE: Success in inevitable when you do what you love and you do it with passion! And how am I different? I work closely with each and every client, with her personal preferences, and then I use only the finest materials! Silk ribbons shipped directly from France, the softest leather from Italy, you name it.

#InnaRacePhotography #MissPaparazzi #PrivatePaparazziProductions

PPP: What has been your biggest struggle as an artist?
ZE: Hmm, the biggest struggle is not to get carried away with eccentricity. I prefer go a little bit over the top while creating my hats!

PPP: We know that you won quite a few prizes in a short period of time since starting your hat-making business. Can you tell us more about it?
ZE: I am a first-prize winner in the Radnor Hunt Races Hat Competition for two consecutive years.

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PPP: What exciting future projects are you working on?
ZE: I am literally broadening my horizons these days with a line for men, as well as with Mother-and-Daughter hats and fascinators.

PPP: What impact with your art do you hope to make in the future?
ZE: I want to take millinery to new heights of elegance, and win over women who are yet not hat lovers!

PPP: What do you want your name to be known for and associated with?
ZE: I want my hats to become popular with crowned heads and aristocrats, of course! I always shoot for the stars! {Laughs} I want to be known for glamorous pieces, ramped up with the finest embellishments!

#InnaRacePhotography #MissPaparazzi #PrivatePaparazziProductions

PPP: Who is your dream customer?
ZE: Someone, who takes style over fashion. A diva, you know? Lady Gaga, but Main Line Lady Gaga.

PPP: You work hard on making your brand. What would be your dream outcome in 3-5 years from now?
ZE: Of course, I would love to know that many women all over the world own a piece designed by me!

Here are some pictures from the 1st Tuesday Networking at Avenue Kitchen in Villanova, PA which Zoya Egan hosted with great success on October 6, 2015.

For more pictures please visit our Private Paparazzi Productions Facebook Page

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