#‎ Glitter and Champagne‬

by Inna Race
It was one sparkly night in New York City.
private_paparazzi_productionsWe were a part of the lucky group, who got an invitation to the Alpine Creative Group’s Holiday Party.
private_paparazzi_productions All of the guests simply forgot about the unpleasant mix of rain and snow outside, as soon as they descended the steps into the “54 Below” club.
Everything from the atmosphere, the crowd, the food, and the cocktails was just what you needed to feel happy and warm, just in time to ring in the Holidays.
private_paparazzi_productionsThe musicians rocked it; the crowd danced like there was no tomorrow.
private_paparazzi_productionsThe air was filled with fun and sparkle all through the night.
private_paparazzi_productionsI could not think of abetter start to the season.
private_paparazzi_productionsThank you, Elan Artists, for one Warm and Lively Toast to the Holidays!
Here is a little video from the party:

For more information about Aline Creative Group please visit: www.alpinecreativegroup.com

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  1. moffie says:

    love your work. you are so cool.
    you sure know your stuff.
    all the best in 2015.

  2. Riges says:

    Thank you a lot for sharing this with all folks!

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